Rainbow Warriors

What are the Rainbow Warriors? One of the most stable online chess communities on FICS. We have participated in every single FICS Teamleague Tourney since T34 (Autumn 2007), when we started with 30 players from 30 different countries. We are now the 3rd oldest continuously operating Teamleague club (1st Poisoned Pawns; 2nd Hot Rock) and have remained a pretty international chess club ever since.

Is it a Gay Club? Not much. People from English-speaking countries keep asking, though. When our club formed, we voted on a name. Out of several worthy candidates, "RainbowWarriors" was chosen winner. While it is not possible to trace this back to every single voter, ecological factors triggered the choice of the name. But diversity means a lot to us, and when we understood that many people had never heard about the RW ship and that the Rainbow icon is much more associated with the LGBT movement, we thought: Cool, that fits nicely.

What was the biggest success in competitions?

  • Our U1400 team has won the Trophy three times and our U1600 team once.
  • Our Open team shared 1st place with Motley Crew in T39 and won sole 1st in T47 by making a spectacular comeback in playoff after being down 0:1 against Poisoned_Pawns_Polonium who had the draw odds, meaning first three boards had to score 2.5/3. In previous regular round against the same team they managed 1/3, so you can imagine the willpower of RainbowWarriors_Azul team members.
  • In T38 (Winter 2009) we started in three sections of Teamleague and managed a 3rd rank in each (U1600, U1800, Open).
  • In T41 (Winter 2010) we started with four teams, two of which reached the final of their sections: Open and U1600.
  • More TL tourney pages, from a Rainbow Warriors point of view: T44, T45, T47.
  • There have been many successes over the years - mostly due to our RainbowWarriors_Azul team - but keeping track was not easy. We all have more fun playing than documenting...

Are there any other tourneys? We had two epic inclub tournaments, in 2009 and 2010. In the RW Swiss 2011 and 2012 we were happy to invite Guests from other teamleague teams. They gave the tournament a richer flavour and made it much more competitive. iwulu won this tourney in 2009, Maras in 2010 and 2011, Diduk in 2012; all winners have been crowned here. The Tourney Guide of 2012's tourney gives an impression what the tourney was like.

Who is the Club's President? No such Club President. Our club fully depends on its members to volunteer in captaining teams, serve as punching-balls in friendly games, crack jokes in channel 246 on FICS, watch or comment on team-mates' games, form learning alliances, scout for interesting stuff and put it on the wiki, teach weaker club-mates the Dutch Stonewall, and generally have a good time and enjoy ourselves.

All very nice, now how can I join? Help is needed mainly in the highest TL sections. If you are (becoming) WGM, WIM, WFM, GM, IM or FM or something like that, if you enjoy helping your team to go for the Cup, but can as well gracefully handle a loss, and, most important, if you would love to become part of a bunch of friendly people that hang out a lot on FICS, then please contact bodzolca on FICS -- he is putting our teams together!